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Z-axis Motorized Stage
A example procedure for a typical measurement by using an ADU and a motorized z-axis. Most important features will be activated during our measurements in a reproducible and controlled way: drop volume, way of drop deposition onto the sample surface, time after contact to start calculation, etc.

Example Procedure Descriptions:

A: Start Positions
B: A drop of given volume is formed (e.g. using ADU)
C: The sample table is then moving up ...
D: To the specified position (can be set previously or controlled automatically by the software).
E: As soon as the liquid drop touches sample surface, the TIMER is reset to ZERO and video recording may be invoked here automatically if required.
F: Sample table is returned to the Starting Position.
G: Measurement will be invoked at a specified time for a given number of computation. Average values and statistical errors will be built based on these calculation reults.

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