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Portable Hand-held Contact Angle Meter - Model 100P
The Model 100P is an portable model with the compact hand-held designs for budget-priced starting into the contact angle measuring technique and drop shape analysis, for the software-controlled measurement and analysis of :

     The static and dynamic contact angle according to the Sessile and Captive Drop method as well as
       the analysis of the drop shape according to the Pendant Drop method
     The wetting behavior on solid surfaces
     The surface free energy of solids and their components

The Model 100P consists of the basic hardware with the following technical features:

     Basic platform with needle holder and syringe support
     Homogeneous LED back lighting electronics with continuously adjustable intensity
     Measuring stage , adjustable in three axis for the accurate sample positioning
     Adjustable tilt optics
     Fixed lens with optional high-performance lens with an integrated continuous fine focus
     High resolution 1280 x 1024 USB 2.0 camera
     Manual dosing unit with fine 1.0 ul adjustable syringe
     Integral X-Y-Z fine adjustable needle holder

The Model 100P Software developed for Windows NT/2000/XP offers by various expansion steps:

    1. Static and dynamic contact angle measurement according to the Sessile and Captive Drop method
    2. Sessile Drop method using 4 different fitting algorithms : Laplace-Young Fitting, Circle
        Fitting, Conic Fitting, Polynomial Fitting (Tangent Fitting)
    3. Auto baseline detection with manual curved-surface baseline function
    4. Movie video recording or computation functions with rate of 15 -60 fps for dynamic study like
        absorption, spreading, reaction kinetics, software trigger function with recording and playing speed,
        time settings etc.
    5. Gauge ball, needle or known liquids calibration function
    6. Result Data Center for storing, managing, analyzing and exporting measuring data by user-defined
        tasks or drops basis, computation results with display items settings and graph view
    7. Surface free energy computation with methods Wu, Zisman plot, Owens-Wendt, Fowkes, Extended
        Fowkes, Acid-Base, Equation of State etc. using chemical substances and test samples database
    8. Wetting behavior analyzer for building wetting envelopes on all SFE methods

Technical Data:

     Size of the sample : No limit on sample size
     Size of the device (L x W x H): 25 x 14 x 14 cm
     Range of contact angle measuring: 0~180° ± 0.1°
     Weight: 2.0 kg

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Model 100P
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