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Professional R & D team based on years of experience with scientific applications, technical cooperation with scientific experts in Taiwan and abroad,Sindatek is active particularly in the field of designing new measurement technique and its programming for applications in contact angle meters. Main activity is the development of hardware and software for new instruments of video-based optical contact angle meters, providing the best performance with competitive and professional instruments in the market and dedicated to serving our customers with the high ratio of performance to price products, to assure our customers satisfied with our highest standards and the maximum efficiency.
Adopting advanced image processing technology with chemical engineering theories, our products employ the latest and most advantageous technological innovations with module designs philosophy, the software equipped with functions of static and dynamic contact angle studies, surface/interfacial tension analysis, surface free energy calculations, plus a whole line of optional hardware accessories to meet all scientific researches, universities, industrial R&D and QC applications.
"Zero defect" will be our insistence on the quality level, all our contact angle meter products meet the ASTM standards C-813,D-5946,D-5725,D-724 and the international specifications.
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