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Auto Dispensing Unit
The Auto Dispensing Unit is a software-driven tool and control pump for creating single drops or dynamic drops such as required by advanced / receding studies. This hydraulic system uses disposable tips for multiple liquid studies and quick changes from one specimen to another. The system includes software, serial cable, a stage adapters, one 250ul syringe (other sizes optionally available), and one set of disposable tips. The control software is provided with hardware as an optional package.

Supporting high-precision glass syringe like Hamilton from 5μl to 50 ml, stepped motor with optical encoder for positioning feedback, dosing rate range at 1.0 ~ 400 μl/min. Up to 4 units can be supported by the software, they are connected to dispensing needles located in the syringe selector via fittings and tubing and allow undisturbed, nearly pulse-less increasing or decreasing of droplet volume for measurements of advancing/receding contact angle and interfacial rheology properties.

These fully programmable, precision liquid handling instrument are available in single and multi- channel configurations. Due to its very short connection path (60 mm), the dead volume can be kept very low. Its wide dosing rates make it the best choice for scientific and industrial routine measurements.

Versatile dispensing mode settings with manually, continuously, fixed volume, volume scope, volume cycle and volume oscillation are available for specific applications.

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